Friday, September 16th, 2016


Catena Consulting Engineers Announces Promotions and New Hires

by Kate Rurik

catena consulting engineers recently promoted Jared Lewis to Principal and Avery Morris to Associate.  catena also hired engineer, Mike Clark, and CAD Specialist, Ben Levine.  Jared Lewis spent 11 years as one of the firm’s Associates and moves into position as the firm’s fifth Principal.  Jared excels in bringing project details together and providing clear and direct communication to clients.  His time at catena since the very beginning has proven to provide the best for our clients and support the growth of the company.  In his new role, Lewis looks forward to experiencing a more personal role with each project, as well as cultivating the firm’s internal culture of resiliency and preparedness.


Since 2007, Avery Morris has brought a well-rounded approach to client communication and project management.  Morris came to catena after graduating from Vanderbilt University and became catena’s first structural engineer hire when the team was in its infant years.  His new role will give him more project oversight and client management responsibility.


Michael Clark, Engineer, joins the firm having graduated from the State University of New York’s (SUNY) College at Geneseo with a Bachelor’s in Physics and later from SUNY Buffalo with a Master’s in Structural & Earthquake Engineering.  Starting his undergraduate program in Physics, Clark attributes his problem-solving skills and analytical processes to his non-traditional engineering route.  Mike is working on the Knight Cancer Research Building, the McKesson DC Wilsonville Addition, and Gabriel Park Apartments.  Mike finds Portland to be a great fit for his hobbies of hiking, camping, and biking, as well as a great fit for the overall sense of and thoughtful care for sustainability.


Ben Levine, CAD Specialist, joins us from Casper, WY.  He completed his degree in Drafting Design at Casper College and moved to the west coast with his wife shortly thereafter.  As CAD Specialist, Ben interprets details from architects and engineers and translates them to computer drawings.  An avid camper, biker, and hiker too, Ben thrives on hikes in the Columbia Gorge and the Mt. Hood Timberline trail.  He lived in Yellowstone for a stint and loves to backpack in and camp in any secluded space he can find.  Their dogs, Bowzer and Louie, a Chihuahua and Beagle-mix, are along for any adventure they take together.

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