Wednesday, July 8th, 2015


catena hires three staff to growing team

by Kate Rurik

Candace Sy: Engineer

Candace Sy joined catena consulting engineers with an enthusiasm for designing physical structures that have a tangible impact on the lives of regular people.  After completing her Masters in Structural Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, Candace knew she wanted to relocate to the Pacific NW.  As an engineer, she analyzes and designs all members of building structures and works with a variety of materials, including wood and post-tensioned concrete.  She currently works on the Oregon Zoo Education Center, Wilshire Grand Skylight, Dalles Library Addition, and Hawthorne 31 Apartments.  Candace is no stranger to Portland’s Saturday Market and Waterfront Park where she spends most of her weekends.  She also has a special talent for playing the ukulele and keyboard.



Michael Williams: BIM CAD Technician

Michael Williams is a committed Jaguars fan and a native from Jacksonville, Florida.  As a BIM CAD Technician, Michael creates 3D models and drawings of structures to give architects, engineers, and contractors the ability to view and edit the envisioned building before construction.  Michael has significant industrial CAD experience and enjoys modeling structures that present complex construction challenges.  In Michael’s spare time, he loves to cook and touts that the climate in Portland allows him to make homemade chili year-round.



Kate Rurik: Administrative & Marketing Assistant

Kate Rurik excels in extending her curiosity for storytelling and her knack for keeping office details straight.  While she loves to create and explore new ways of marketing, she is also grounded in prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines.  Her role includes compiling project statistics into an improved database as well as updating and creating new content for the website, blog, and social media sites.  Outside of the office, Kate is content using her artistic abilities to refinish wood furniture.  She spends most weekends walking and hiking around Portland with her husband, Brian, and her dog, Zorro.


Please join catena in welcoming Candace, Michael, and Kate to the team!

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