Saturday, January 20th, 2018


Design For Good

by Sara Atkinson

Gray Magazine awarded the Treeline Stage and S.A.F.E. POD Initiative the Design for Good award! Members of our team worked with Portland State University and SRG on this project. Check out the awards issue of Gray Magazine here.

The initiative was two projects in one. The goal of the S.A.F.E. Pod project was to create a sleeping pod that could be easily assembled, disassembled and moved as needed in response to the increasing number of unsheltered people living on the streets in Portland. Inspired by this, students from Portland State University’s School of Architecture designed a stage for the Pickathon Music Festival in Happy Valley, OR, that could be easily taken apart after the festival and reused to build additional pods. Students along with Lease Crutcher Lewis (the project’s contractor) started assembling these additional pods this fall.

Congratulations to the team!

Owner: Portland State University, School of Architecture (students: Kayla Anderson, Amy Peterson, Ossie Pleasant, Olivia Snell, Nick Vipond; faculty: Travis Bell, Clive Knights)

S.A.F.E. POD Design by Scott Mooney and Bethany Gelbrich, SRG Partnership, Inc.

Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis


To learn more about the Gray Awards, visit:

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