Thursday, May 29th, 2014


UO Zebrafish Core Facility Wins an AIA SWO Citation Award

by Paige Viehouser

Congratulations to the UO Zebrafish Core Facility team! The project won an AIA SW Oregon Citation Award for design excellence. Led by Rowell Brokaw Architects, the design of this 6,400-sf expansion to an existing laboratory brings the total lab space to 16,000-sf. The project completely re-organizes lab workflow to enhance fish health and significantly increase capacity for fish husbandry and research procedures. Lease Crutcher Lewis served as the General Contractor. Good work team! To learn of other AIA SWO award-winning projects, visit this link:

You might be wondering what a zebrafish is and why it is important enough to have it’s own 16,000-sf facility? The zebrafish is a small tropical fish that has approximately 70% of the same genetic make-up as humans. They are transparent in color, can repair their own heart and have become a critical aspect in medical research. To put it simply, thanks to the help of the zebrafish, scientists have made advances in the fight against muscular dystrophy and some types of cancer as well as advances in stem cell research.


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