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Damian Andreani | Engineer

Damian Andreani


Hometown: Lynbrook, NY

Alma Mater: State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo

Outside of Work: Damian's love of design can be seen outside of engineering in his woodworking and wood turning. He also hikes on the weekends and is an ACE Mentor on the weekdays.

Favorite Oregon Activities: You can find him camping in Mt. Hood National Forest in the summer time.

Michael Astrella | Associate

Michael Astrella



m: 716.983.6957

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Alma Mater: State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo

Outside of Work: You can find Mike negotiating with his 5 year old daughter and (slowly) learning to play the guitar.

Favorite Oregon Activities: Mike is still relatively new to the area and his favorite activity is trying new restaurants and meeting new people.

Stefanie Chamorro | Engineer

Stefanie Chamorro


Hometown: Born in Germany, but mostly grew up in Sherwood, OR

Alma Mater: Oregon State University

Outside of Work: When not at work, Stefanie enjoys hiking, picnicking in the park, and grabbing a beer with friends.

Favorite Oregon Activities: She enjoys hiking or backpacking during wildflower season.

Jared Lewis | Principal

Jared Lewis


PE, SE, LEED Green Associate

m: 503.380.8760

Hometown: Bend, OR

Alma Mater: Portland State University

Outside of Work: Guilty pleasure is watching Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredient's series and then replicating as best as possible. Jared's family loves to cook and try new things and it's fun to watch his kids get excited about what they've cooked as well.

Favorite Oregon Activities: PICKATHON. Jared can't say enough about this event. Every year it betters itself from the year before. He's experienced the best music he's ever heard of while there. And to watch the kids be mesmerized by the sound is magical.

Julie Liu | Engineer

Julie Liu


Hometown: Tigard, OR

Alma Mater: Grinnell College; Oregon State University

Outside of Work: Julie enjoys cooking, hiking, and drawing when she's not working.

John McDonald | Principal

John McDonald


PE, SE, LEED Green Associate

m: 503.984.8573

Hometown: Houston, TX

Alma Mater: Vanderbilt University; Portland State University

Outside of Work: John can be found maintaining and slowly improving a 1992 Suzuki Samurai.

Favorite Oregon Activities: Growing up in the flatlands of east Texas, he is in near constant awe of the mountainous west. Within an hour of Portland, you can be deep in the forests, or on top of a snow covered volcano and can find numerous waterfalls getting there. Within an hour of're still in Houston!

John Murphy | Engineer

John Murphy


Hometown: Fredonia, NY

Alma Mater: State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo

Outside of Work: John loves watching and playing sports and plans to join some leagues in the area. He also loves to explore restaurant scenes, something Portland offers a great variety of.

Favorite Oregon Activities: Since spending a summer in Oregon and relocating to Portland in early 2021, John's favorite activity is camping.

Gregory Norton | Engineer

Gregory Norton


Hometown: Portland, OR

Alma Mater: Portland State University

Outside of Work: Greg plays futsal and spends time with his family.

Favorite Oregon Activities: Greg can be found snowboarding in the winter and camping in the summer.

Michael Poulos | Associate

Michael Poulos



m: 773.682.5749

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Alma Mater: University of Dayton; University of Illinois, Chicago

Outside of Work: Mike can be found BBQing in his backyard with his wife and dogs, occasionally re-creating his favorite gourmet dish of pigs face.

Favorite Oregon Activities: Mike can be found feeding the iconic Belmont Goats.

Mike Sills | Structural Drafter/Modeler

Mike Sills

Structural Drafter/Modeler

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Alma Mater: Portland Community College

Outside of Work: Mike restores homes and enjoys snowboarding with his son.

Favorite Oregon Activities: He enjoys spending time with old friends.

Christopher Thompson | Principal

Christopher Thompson


PE, SE, LEED Green Associate

m: 503.984.8576

Hometown: Bryan, OH

Alma Mater: Tri-State University; University of California, Berkeley

Outside of Work: An avid golfer, Chris is often found on a course near his home in Gresham, in Central Oregon and courses in Hawaii. If he's not working on his handicap, he is spending time with his wife Ronda, their two kids and two grandchildren.

Favorite Oregon Activities: There is so much to love about Oregon! Chris loves being outdoors in Oregon whether it be running/walking with his trusted German Shepherd, Berlin, enjoying a round of golf with his buddies, or being amazed by the sun rising over Mt. Hood with his bride, Ronda.

Jason Thompson | Principal

Jason Thompson



m: 503.314.5155

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Alma Mater: University of California, San Diego; University of California, Berkeley

Outside of Work: Jason lives vicariously through his kids' competitive soccer.

Favorite Oregon Activities: Unending outdoor opportunities, a good round of golf, meals at one of the hundreds of excellent restaurants, and attending Portland Timbers games.

Paige Viehouser | Principal

Paige Viehouser



m: 503.984.8574

Hometown: Portland, OR

Alma Mater: University of Oregon

Outside of Work: Paige loves to get outside to enjoy the great Summer weather in Portland by participating in outdoor activities including running, biking, tennis, golf and, most recently, pickleball! During the winter, you can find her up on Mt. Hood skiing with her family.

Favorite Oregon Activities: Having been a member of the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, Paige appreciates having the mountain close-by. Her family also enjoys attending Portland Timbers and Thorns soccer games.

Michael Williams | BIM Manager

Michael Williams

BIM Manager

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Outside of Work: Michael can almost always be found at the bowling ally, or otherwise reading science fiction and cooking.

Favorite Oregon Activities: He enjoys checking out new restaurants in Portland, or going to a park and watching dogs play.

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