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Crescent Valley High School

Corvallis, Oregon

Owner: Corvallis School District

Architect: PIVOT Architecture

Contractor: Gerding Builders

The Crescent Valley High School project involves the modernization and expansion of existing classroom space for Career and Technical Education (CTE), the addition of an elevator to facilitate campus accessibility, and the voluntary seismic retrofit of the existing gymnasium building. All measures were guided by the district’s Core Values for Education Design and the 2017 Long Range Facilities Master Plan, and are the result of a successful bond measure passed by voters in 2018. The CTE expansion involved the addition of 5,400-square feet of single-story construction consisting of perimeter CMU walls and a timber-framed roof, as well as the implementation of seismic retrofit measures to the adjacent existing classroom building triggered by the new work. Construction of the new elevator consists of a wholly self-supporting tower of perimeter CMU walls and a structural steel-supported roof, and includes a composite structural steel walkway to facilitate connection to the elevated south entry of the adjacent existing gymnasium building. The seismic retrofit of the existing gymnasium building – originally constructed in 1970 from a mixture of cast-in-place and precast reinforced concrete, CMU, and structural steel elements – introduced reinforced shotcrete walls and steel buckling-restrained braced frames, and was designed using the performance-based design methods of ASCE 41 and a Basic Performance Objective for Existing Building (BPOE) associated with a Risk Category IV designation normally considered for emergency shelters. This stringent approach will make it more likely that this portion of the facility can serve the surrounding community in the event of an emergency. The CTE and elevator portions of the project were completed in the Fall of 2021. The seismic retrofit of the gymnasium building was completed in the Fall of 2022 with a cost of $14.5 million.

image credit(s): Steve Smith Photography

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