West Vancouver Barracks Redevelopment | image 1

West Vancouver Barracks Redevelopment

Vancouver, Washington

Owner: City of Vancouver, The Historic Trust

Architect: Bassetti Architects

Contractor: Pease Construction

The renovation of four wood-framed, two-story buildings originally built between 1887 and 1914, this project expanded and adapted existing space for new usage to include retail, office, housing and event space. A total of 52,652 square feet, the project, which included a voluntary seismic upgrade, created a centralized hub for new community-focused civic and recreational uses. It was completed in 2017 with $4.7 million in construction costs. With original drawings unavailable, as-built conditions were determined via field measurement. Sensitive structural solutions were needed to preserve the historic fabric of the buildings while accommodating the modern needs of new tenancy. Historic design review was completed by Washington State Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation and the National Parks Service.

image credit(s): Jeff Amram Photography

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