DeSoto Building

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Portland, OR

Winkler Development

LRS Architects

R & H Construction

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Provided structural design services for the renovation of two historical buildings to house art galleries and offices, with the upper floors housing office condominiums. The Daisy Kingdom Building is a three-story, 28,000-sf lightly reinforced concrete building constructed in 1930 with timber and concrete floors. The Desoto Building is a four-story, 31,000-sf unreinforced masonry building built in 1914 with timber framed floors. The buildings are being joined as part of the renovation and are required to comply with the current code. Listed on the state historic registry, catena's structural design was sensitive to the historical fabric of the building keeping concrete shear walls away from the perimeter of the building. By keeping the shear walls away from the building perimeter, catena helped the team create a contiguous space at the ground level that was very appealing to the targeted tenants, art galleries, and the space was fully leased prior to the developer's target dates. The design achieved the requirements of current code, without the addition of extensive foundation upgrades by modeling the soil - foundation interaction. This innovation saved the owner approximately $100,000 over the conventional design. catena was selected for this project - our first in the firm - due to our understanding of the owner's goals and ability to translate them into design.